Traveling On a Low Budget

With the economy as it is these days, one must wonder how they will take a vacation on such low income. Many families do not even have a savings built up and cannot afford to take a trip. Here are some tips on how to travel if you fit into that category.

Food can be a costly part of travel. With such appetizing options available when venturing far from home, it is hard to to spend all your money. My friend who works at little rock wedding catering told me good deals can be had at walmarts meat section. Look for the yellow tags on meats. Those tags mean the meat is close to expiring, so they mark the price down.

Fuel is another big cost of travel. Get rid of that gas burning vehicle and go with a diesel! Diesel vehicles on average get about 20-60 miles per gallon. Your average family SUV gets about 17-22. That is a lot of savings if you are travelling cross country! Keeping your right foot out of the gas pedal is the other big one here. Driving sensibly will increase your fuel savings more than anything when taking a trip.

Gift shops can take a toll on your wallet as well. If the family wants to spend all your money at a gift shop, recommend they pick out natural souvenirs from nature, such as rocks. Another recommendation is saving more money for such events as the wife and kids will not appreciate you being a cheap skate!

All in all, it is not so hard to travel on a budget, but to fully enjoy a trip it is wise to save alot of money. Activities, fuel, food, and other expenses all add up fairly quickly.