City Palace Complex At Jaipur

City palace (City Mahal) is located in Jaipur in India. My Indian friend, working over Olympia Tree Service was telling me that City Palace is complex of buildings that has much more in it. Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal are also located inside and are part of City Palace. Construction of palace was started in 1729 and was completed in 1732. Color scheme of this palace is trademark of Jaipur. The entrance gates of this palace are richly designed. Virendra Pol, Tripolia Gate (also known as triple gate), Udai pol (which is also known as stable gate) are entry gates of City palace. Tripolia gate is opened only for entrance of royal families but other two gates are for general public. Complex of building have Mubarak palace, Chandra Place, Maharani’s palace, Mukut palace, Shri Govind Dev temple and museum.

Chandra Place is very beautiful. It has seven floors and each floor is story teller of its history and beauty. Interesting thing is that each floor has named differently. It is completely designed with mirror work and painting on walls which make it more beautiful. Peacock gates are seen on entrance. It has balconies from where one can view the city. Only ground floor is allowed to visitors which is museum and many things of royal families are displayed including clothes, shawls, jewelry etc. Sukh-Niwas floor has dinning and drawing room which is decorated with glass and silver dinning. Rang Mandir is 3rd floor which is decorated with small and big mirrors on pillars walls and ceiling. Shobha Nivas is 4th floor which is under control of current Maharaja, its walls are decorated with mirrors and gold leaves and blue tiles which make it more beautiful. Chhavi Nivas is 5th floor, 6th floor is Shri Nivas and last 7th floor which is crown temple is Mukut Mandir.

Maharani Place was residential place of queens but later convert into museum. It is very beautiful the ceilings of Maharani Palace are gemmed with original stones. Now the weapons are displayed in this museum; which were used by royalty during war.

Bhaggi Khana was place where carriages of royal families were kept. Now this is a museum and has a great collection of Baggis and one most attractive Baggi which was gifted by Prince of Wales to Maharaja in 1876. This is also called Victoria Baggi.

Govind Dev Ji temple was built in 18th century. Chandra Mahal gives a direct view to temple. The roof ceiling of temple is decorated with gold.