China and its culture

China is located in East Asia on this planet. China is earliest civilization of the world. It is most populous country. Chinese cultural and traditional values are so rich and they are adhering to it. They are very nice and friendly people.

A friend of mine who spent 20 years in china and is currently working over eduardstree said that there are almost 292 languages are spoken in china but official language of china is Standard Chinese which is called Putonghua. Total almost 56 ethnic groups are inhabitant in China so language varies from region to region.

Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism and Taoism shaped the Chinese culture and the religion is also fusion of these three religions. The government of china is officially Atheist.  Due to unorganized nature of Chinese religious tradition, it is hard to collect data on religious affiliation of Chinese. 90% of population is atheist, 6% Buddhist, 2% Christians and 1% Muslims.

The Chinese festivals are so unique and beautifully celebrated. The customs reflect the molarity of Chinese. Many festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year but the majors are Chinese New Year (celebrated on 1st -15th of 1st lunar month), Lantern festival (celebrated on 15th day of 1st lunar month), Qing-Ming Festival (celebrated on 4th or 5th April of solar calendar), Dragon Boat festival (celebrated on 5th day of 5th lunar month), Double seventh festival (celebrated on 7th day of 7th lunar month), Mid-Autumn Festival 15th day of 8th lunar month), Chong-yang Festival (celebrated on 9th day of 9th lunar month), Laba festival (celebrated on 8th day of 12th lunar month) and Winter Solstice (celebrated on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of December of solar calendar). Many tourists visit China during these festive days.

Chinese cuisine is famous in whole world. It has many styles of cooking which varies region to region. Chinese people love eating. The fun part is eating with chopsticks. Left small amount of food in plate represents generosity of the host. Place the bones in separate plate never put it in your bowl. Some other things about China are also very famous which can be explore.